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Power Skating

When racing down the ice on fore check or back check do your players know how to adjust their body position and stride direction to build and maintain speed efficiently?

Through Landonedge Skating programs your players will discover and feel how body positioning, blade edges, and stride direction contribute to fast and efficient skating. With additional speed your players can win more races in the game. With improved efficiency your players stamina can endure late into a shift and through the game.

Landonedge Skating is based on my 20+ years as a certified and chartered high performance speed skating coach developing skaters' knowledge and technique to be as fast and as efficient as possible.

Team Power Skating in an ongoing collaboration between Landonedge and team coaches to provide customized skating programs integrated into a teams’ existing training time.

Contact Landonedge Skating to be your team's skating expert. Let's develop a plan to enhance your players' skating knowledge and technique to improve their speed, efficiency, and overall confidence to perform


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