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Product Return Policy

  1. All returns must be approved via email. If there is any problem with your order, there is a one week period that orders can be returned for a refund. Please email to receive a return number.

  2. All products have a one year manufacture warranty.  Please contact me if there are any issues with your purchase. This warranty will be under normal use conditions. Items will have to be sent back for inspection prior to any replacement warranty to be issued.

  3. If equipment is used even once there will be a 20% restocking fee. Please make sure boots fit reasonably prior to heating or oven baking. Please call or email for more information.

Product Retun Policy

Program Cancellation  Policy

  1. Cancellations or withdrawals must be submitted in writing to

  2. Cancellations received a minimum of 14 days prior to the first day of a program are eligible for full credit or a full refund.

  3. Cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the first day of the program are eligible for 50% credit or a 50% refund.

  4. Cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the first day of the program are ineligible for credit or refund.

  5. Withdrawals from a program in progress are ineligible for credit or a refund.

  6. Withdrawals from a program in progress due to a documented medical issue will receive pro-rate credit or a pro-rated refund.

  7. Unattended sessions by the participant will not be credited or refunded.

  8. Credits may be applied to future Landonedge Skating programs within one year of the cancellation/withdrawal date.

  9. Refunds will be processed and returned within 7 days of the cancellation. 

  10. Registrations are strictly personal, non-transferable unless authorized by Landonedge Skating, and must be accompanied by full payment before confirmation.

  11. Landonedge Skating + Consulting monitors registration levels prior to the start of programs to ensure quality programs and reserves the right to cancel programs due to insufficient registrants. Register early to avoid a great program from being cancelled.

Program Cancellation Policy
Conduct Policy




I participate voluntarily in Power Skating because it is physically challenging. I know there are physical risks and hazards inherent in Power Skating as there are in most sports. These include but are not limited to:

  • Injuries resulting from vigorous physical exertion and strenuous cardiovascular workouts during off and on-ice training

  • Injuries associated with the process of accessing or egressing the ice surface

  • Injuries from failing to skate safely within one’s own physical limits

  • Injuries due to changes or variations in the ice and weather conditions

  • Injuries from colliding with or being struck by other participants, spectators, equipment, the ground, or surroundings

  • Bruises, sprains, cuts, scrapes, breaks, dislocations, concussions resulting from falls or collision

  • Extremes of weather and temperature may result in frostbite, hypothermia, heatstroke, or sunstroke

  • Injuries resulting from failure to properly maintain or use any piece of equipment or from mechanical failure of any piece of equipment

  • Risks associated with travel to and from training and competition locations

  • Additional risks associated with peripheral activities which are often integral to training



I understand that having properly maintained equipment, wearing proper fitting clothing and equipment, and wearing all required safety equipment during practice can mitigate exposure to risk and severity of injury. 



I will disclose any injury, incurred during or external to Power Skating, that may impact my health and safety while participating in Power Skating training.



I understand that in the event of a serious injury I will be required to follow a step-by-step protocol, which may require medical clearance from a physician, before returning to full training. 



I am participating voluntarily. I agree that there are risks in Power Skating, as described above. By participating voluntarily I am exposed to these risks and hazards. I agree and accept them and will be responsible for any injury or other loss, which I might receive while participating.

Conduct Policy

Purpose of the Policy

This Policy is to ensure the safety and protection of all Landonedge Skating + Consulting participants during their training experiences, define acceptable standards of behaviour for all participants and eliminate inappropriate behaviour.

Application of the Policy

This Policy applies to all Program participants, which includes but is not limited to athletes, coaches, managers, parents, and service providers.  This Policy applies during all events under the banner of Landonedge Skating + Consulting, which includes but is not limited to training, competition, travel, accommodation, and social media.

Program Participants are expected to:

  • Participate in the spirit of fair play, co-operation and respect for others at all times;

  • Respect the rules of the sport;

  • Perform to their best ability in every session, and accept with pride the result their effort brings;

  • Be punctual and arrive properly prepared for all sessions and activities;

  • Be gracious in victory and defeat;

  • Respect the directions and decisions of coaches and other service providers;

  • Act in a manner that supports and enhances a safe environment, free from disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist, or sexist comments or behaviours, for all Program members and participants.

Violation of the Policy

Landonedge Skating + Consulting reserves the right to take action against any participant who infracts the Policy. Actions may range from exclusion from a session or expulsion from a program depending on the cumulation or severity of the infraction.

Privacy  Policy

  1. Landonedge Skating + Consulting is committed to taking all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of the personal information of Participants from whom it collects personal information for the conduct of Landonedge Skating + Consulting activities. 

  2. Landonedge Skating + Consulting is responsible for maintaining and protecting the personal information under its control. Accountability for this function within the organization is held by:


Landonedge Skating + Consulting

2 Autumn Place

Dartmouth  NS  B2V 2A9

  1. Landonedge Skating + Consulting will identify to an Participant the purposes for which personal information is collected at or before the time the information is collected. In addition to any other specified purpose identified at that time, Landonedge Skating + Consulting collects personal information for the following purposes: 

    1. Registration of Participants and the calculation and collection of any fees or charges associated with that;

    2. To enable Landonedge Skating + Consulting to provide coaching, support and assistance to Participants;

    3. To inform Participants about programs, activities, and services that are believed to be of potential interest or value to them;

    4. To better understand a Participant’s interests in Landonedge Skating + Consulting's products, activities, and services;

    5. To develop, enhance or improve programs, activities, and services to better meet the needs of Participants; 

    6. To address specific circumstances that require such information to be collected and used as necessary or as appropriate. 

  2. Landonedge Skating + Consulting collects or may collect the following personal information from individuals during the course of normal activities and for participant management:

    1. first name

    2. middle name

    3. last name

    4. gender

    5. birth date 

    6. address

    7. phone number(s)

    8. e-mail address

    9. mother’s name

    10. father’s name

    11. mother’s e-mail

    12. father’s e-mail

    13. mother’s phone number(s)

    14. father’s phone number(s)

    15. mother’s address

    16. father’s address

    17. legal Guardian’s name, email, phone number and address, if other than Mother or Father 

    18. health or medical concerns or circumstances relevant to their activities as a Participant

    19. Code of Conduct Agreement

    20. Waiver (e.g. Liability Waiver, Photo Release)

    21. images in photography, audio, film or video 

  3. Additional information obtained may include levels of interest for programs, activities, services ,and topics provided by Landonedge Skating + Consulting.

  4. Credit card information or banking information may be collected and utilized for payment transactions for registration and other financial transactions only. This information will not be stored. 

  5. A Participant’s knowledge and consent are required before Landonedge Skating + Consulting is allowed to collect, use or disclose his or her personal information.

  6. Where possible, Landonedge Skating + Consulting will obtain consent directly from the Participant concerned at the time of collection.

  7. A Participant has the right to withdraw consent at any time by providing reasonable notice to the Landonedge Skating + Consulting Owner. If a request to withdraw consent requires that Landonedge Skating + Consulting delete an individual’s registration information, Landonedge Skating + Consulting will no longer be able to provide the programs, services, or products for which an individual has subscribed.

  8. Landonedge Skating + Consulting will not use personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with an Participant’s consent or as required by law.

  9. Once personal information is no longer required to fulfill the identified purposes (including prudent information retention practices) or other legal requirements, it will be destroyed, deleted or made anonymous. 

Privacy Policy



If you or your child needs emergency medical care and you are not available to give formal consent to medical authorities, care may be unnecessarily delayed. To assist with you or your child receiving emergency medical care please complete the medical profile with registration. In the event of a medical emergency, the information will accompany you or your child so that medical treatment can be rendered. 

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